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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time TrackingConsultant Time Tracking
Record your time spent in different projects and easily bill Employers on the basis of hourly rate and actual time spent.

Target Cost Contracts
Flexibility to changes in original design; Fair appointment of risks between Contractor and Employer; potential saving in the time and cost of tendering

Famous Architects
Hassan FathyCheck our List of Famous architects and their most famous creations they were known for.
Cash Flow Forecasting
Find out when will the project be self financing. How much External Finance shall be required each month during the project lifetime.

Contractor Forms
Online forms that have the style of the AIA documents, and can be used freely, to produce Applications for Payment, Change Orders, and Certificates of Substantial Completion. The output is produced in PDF Format that can be saved to user P.C., printed, or sent by email.
Linear programming
Linear programming can be used to solve many problems such as: Optimizing use of resources, Determining most economic product mix., Transportation and routing problems, Personnel assignment. Our online assignment software can help contractors allocate their staff at the different available locations or job sites to get the maximum possible output from available resources
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