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Construction Scheduling

construction scheduling software
Free Scheduling

1. Free Construction Scheduling Tool

Schedule your project activities online, and get a printable Bar Chart output.
In most construction contracts time is important and delays can be costly. It is essential, therefore, to achieve the earliest possible completion of the works. The best known and easiest communicated model for planning and controling the progress of works is the bar chart, in which each job that contributes to the total project is shown as a horizontal bar whose length is proportional to its estimated duration and its position indicates the period within which it is due to take place. The sequence in which jobs follow one another is less obvious in the diagram. Misronet Bar chart tool has overcome this by adopting the network analysis to the user input and producing a simple bar chart output that can be a useful means of communication between engineers and foremen. Nevertheless the CPM Technique, which is Critical Path Method, is the core of this online program.
(The program is suitable for small to medium size projects, with a duration up to one year. )

2. Free Trial Construction Delay Analyzer

Download this unique program for unbiased judgement of delay responsibility and find out who is likely to be held responsible for an encountered delay in a project. Is it the Contractor or the Employer who should be held responsible, and liable for the damages resulting from such delay?
In view of the current status of progress, when is the project likely to be completed?
CM Reporter is an efficient construction management tool for assessment of the extension of time that may be required for completion of the works.
CM reporter software is an essential unique tool for project managers and claim consultants, that help assessing the Contractor Performance in comparison to project time table. It can also be regarded as a quick tool for amicable settlement of disputes arising in respect of encountered delays in construction projects, provided that both parties to the contract, the Contractor and Owner, agree initially to the use of this software for this purpose.

3. Scheduling Techniques

Read about the most common planning and scheduling techniques adopted in the construction industry.

Construction Cost Estimating

construction cost estimating software
More Info

1. Free Trial Cost estimating Software

Download Free trial version of the program and Estimate Project Cost, Prepare Bids, and submit your Applications for Interim Payment Certificates in AIA Forms; namely (G702 and G703 Forms), produced in PDF format so that you may print or email them easily. It will help estimators prepare cost reports that give details of contractor labor, plant and materials required for the construction as well as sums for sub-contractors. Moreover, the program has the ability to import and Export cost data to and from Microsoft Excel
(The Free Trial version is fully functional for 15 days)

2. Cost Estimating Techniques

Read about the most common cost estimating techniques adopted by qualified estimators in the building industry, and the data required to prepare an estimate

3. Approximate Estimates

Read about the most common approximate estimating techniques used by Contractors and Employers, when accurate project cost is not yet required, or not feasible in view of available data, and when a rough idea of the project cost is sought to help decision makers decide whether to proceed or not in view of availabe funds at the time this decision is to be made.

Construction Finance

1. Construction Loans and alternative construction finance sources

Read about construction loans and alternative sources of finance and Download CFF3 Software to see the cost and revenue expectations along the Project life.
Find out when will the project be self financing. How much External Finance shall be required each month during the project lifetime. Get unique answers related to your project through this simple, yet quick and reliable cash flow forecasting software

2. Contractor Plant Acquisition and Finance

Read and find out should you, as a contractor, purchase or hire plants required for the job? Check out availble finance alternatives for your machinery and plant purchase. The market alternatives include outright purchase, hire purchase, finance lease, and operating lease.

Construction Management

Target Cost Contracts

Download an ebook illustrating this form of contract with flexibility to changes in the original design, fair appointment of construction risks between the Contractor and Employer, potential saving in the time and cost of tendering as well as a reduction in the resources expanded on construction claims and dispute resolutions are some of the advantages of this alternative type of contract to the conventional contract.
[ Read more ]  [Purchase and download this e-book  ]

Contractor Forms

The use of standard forms by the contractors has proven to be more efficient as there is a siginicant body of case law interreting them, particulary those forms published by AIA ; the American Institute of Architects.
In misronet continuing efforts to assist small to medium size contrcting firms, we have made available online some forms that have the style of the AIA documents, and can be used freely, to produce Applications for Payment, Change Orders, and Certificates of Substantial Completion. The output is produced in PDF Format that can be saved to user P.C., printed, or sent by email.
Online Contrctor forms 

Linear Programming in Construction

Linear programming can be used in constructions project management to solve many problems such as: Optimizing use of resources, Determining most economic product mix., Transportation and routing problems, Personnel assignment.  
Our online assignment software can help contractors allocate their staff at the different available locations or job sites to get the maximum possible output from available resources
Read more and try our online Human Resources module 

Evolution of Construction Management

Read about Construction management and how it is a discipline comprising systematic approaches to control time, cost and quality of a project based on recorded research and experience. Though project management must have been applied in the building of Egypt pyramids centuries ago, but the discipline of management is relatively new, and origins of modern management can be traced to the beginning of last century. At present, there is no such thing as A comprehensive management theory but rather theories about the management.
[ More details about Management approaches]

Q Scheduling Technique

Learn about Q scheduling which is a new planning technique that has evolved after a great deal of research, in response to the widely recognized failure of the majority of contractors to fully use CPM or PERT, and adopt it as a basic scheduling technique in their projects
The new technique is found to be more realistic as it focuses on cost optimization for the contractor, continuation of work flow for all employed resources, as well as minimization of idle times for each crew by applying reverse engineering to decide optimal performance rate for each crew.
Q Scheduling is based on the Line Of Balance Technique, with a few additional features that ensures compatibility with the Building industry
Most suitable for small to medium size building projects with a repetitive nature
(The software is Temporarily Unavailable being undergoing a major update. )
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