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To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to coordinate and to control.

Construction Project

Bar Chart Schedule, Budget
and Cost Estimating

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sample Construction Consultant comparative Time Tracking report. The report compares times spent in different projects. Your browser does not appear to support HTML5.
Bar Chart Schedule

Time Tracking

Record your activity start and finish times in different projects. Easily bill Employers on the basis of hourly rate and actual time spent. Monthly records are generated automatically from your daily input. They can be printed or exported to Microsoft Excel.

Target Cost Contracts

Advantages of this type of contract over conventional contracts include flexibility to changes in the original design; Fair appointment of risks between Contractor and Employer; potential saving in the time and cost of tendering.
The ebook includes more details.

Contractor Forms

Use our Free Online Contractor forms. They have the style of the AIA documents.
You can produce Applications for Payment, with Payment Details. You can issue Construction Change Orders or variations. And you can issue Certificates of Substantial Completion. The output is produced in P.D.F Format. It can easily be saved to the user P.C., printed, or sent by email.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Construction Budget Software: Find out when will the construction project be self financing. How much External Finance shall be required? What is the requirement each month during the construction project lifetime?

Estimating Techniques

Read about the most common cost estimating techniques. What are the qualifications of an estimator? What are the steps for preparing an estimate?

Approximate Estimates

Approximate cost estimation is used when an accurate project cost is not yet required. This method gives a rough idea of the project cost. This will help determine the required funds.

Construction Management

An article about schools of thought about Construction Management. These are the Classical, Human Relations, Systems, and Contingency Approaches to management.

Famous Architects

Egyptian ArchitectCheck our List of Famous architects. Find out their most famous creations they were known for.

Bar Chart Schedule

Schedule your work activities on-line. Get a printable Bar Chart output. The Free on-line tool uses the Critical Path Method as a core concept.

Monthly Schedule Maker

Plan the tasks of the month. Create a detailed Monthly Bar Chart Schedule Online. It takes into account the interdependency between tasks as well as the week ends. The output shall be an image. It can then be downloaded or printed.

Project Delay Analysis

CM Reporter is a unique software to determine responsibility of encountered delays. A reliable and unbiased tool for Owner-Contractor dispute resolution. It helps in assessment of Extension of time Claims.

Linear programming

Linear programming is concerned with optimization.
Use our online assignment tool for better allocation of staff. Allocate the staff at the different job sites. Optimize the use of available resources to maximize possible output.

What is New?

Geo Distance Measurement

Find the Geo distance between two locations on Google Maps. Just Drag the markers to the location and the distance is auto measured

Instant Construction Project Budget

Get a quick estimate of costs and revenues pattern along the project duration.

Instant Progress and Delay Report

Resolve Disputes on Delayed Works and associated Loss and Expense. Get alerted of probable overall delay before occurrence. Take corrective action in time to avoid possible consequences.

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