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To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to coordinate and to control.

Construction Project Management

Cash Flow Forecasting
Bar Chart Scheduling
Construction Cost Estimating

Our web applications for construction project management include Bar Chart Schedule Maker, Cash Flow Forecasting, Estimating House Building Costs in addition to Construction form production tools.
  • House Building Cost

    house construction costWhether you are a prospective Homeowner or a Contractor, you will need to get a quick estimate of the cost to build a house before calling for bids or submitting a bid. This Free web application will help find a reliable figure based on our collected huge database of nationwide price trends. Also you can find the proportions of the costs to be incurred in respect of Labor, Equipment and Materials.

  • Target Cost Contracts

    construction target Cost

    An e-book that outlines the advantages of this type of contract over conventional contracts particularly in large scale project with high uncertainties. The advantages include flexibility to changes in the original design; Fair appointment of risks between Contractor and Employer; potential saving in the time and cost of tendering.

    The e-book includes more details.

  • Contractor Forms

    construction forms Try our Free Online Contractor forms. They have the style of the AIA documents. You can produce Applications for Payment, and attach Payment Details using respective forms. You can issue Construction Change Orders or variations. And you can issue Certificates of Substantial Completion of the works or designated portions thereof. The output is produced in P.D.F Format. It can easily be saved to the user P.C., printed, or sent by email.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Coanstruction cash

Online Construction Budget Software for Contractors. To find out when will the construction project be self financing. How much External Finance shall be required? What is the requirement each month during the construction project lifetime?

Estimating Techniques

Read about the most common cost estimating techniques. What are the qualifications of an estimator? What are the steps for preparing an estimate?

Approximate Estimates

Approximate cost estimation is used when an accurate project cost is not yet required. This method gives a rough idea of the project cost. This will help determine the required funds.

About Construction Management

Construction Management An article about evolution and development in management theories and the different schools of thought about management and applying that to Construction Management as a discipline comprising systematic approaches to control time, expenditure and quality of a project. The major schools include Classical, Human Relations, Systems, and Contingency Approaches.

Time Tracking

Record your activity start and finish times in different projects. Easily bill Employers on the basis of hourly rate and actual time spent. Monthly records are generated automatically from your daily input. They can be printed or exported to Microsoft Excel.

Famous Architects

Check our List of Famous architects. Find out their most famous creations they were known for.

Progress and Delay Report

dispute resolution A web application designed to help determine responsibility of encountered delays at any stage during the project lifetime and forecasts the delay upon completion based on the current status of progress. Thus provides a reliable and unbiased tool for Owner-Contractor dispute resolution. It helps particularly in assessment of Extension of time Claims.

Bar Chart Schedule Maker

construction bar chart schedule

A Free web application that helps prepare a time table for the tasks of the month and creates a detailed Monthly Bar Chart Schedule Online. The application shall take into account the interdependence between tasks as you specify them. It applies the principles and fundamentals of the Critical Path Method in the background, to ensure best use of resources. Days off are also considered to ensure accuracy of the schedule. The output shall be a detailed time schedule showing Start and Finish days for each activity diagrammatically on a chart that can be read and followed by any construction executive.then be downloaded or printed.

Linear programming

Linear programming is concerned with optimization.
Try our online assignment tool for better allocation of staff. Allocate the staff at the different job sites. Optimize the use of available resources to maximize possible output.

Geo Distance Measurement

Find the Geo distance between two locations on Google Maps. Just Drag the markers to the location and the distance is auto measured

Engineering Books

More than 1000 selected books on various engineering topics

Construction Cost Estimation

building costMore than 1000 selected books on construction cost estimation, cost data and cost index .

What is New?

Rental Rate Schedule

construction equipmentTo the best of our knowledge at the time we collected data, we provide schedules of equipment rental rates allover the country. Please verify before using, as rates may have changed.
  • Excavatorss
  • Trucks
  • Tractors and earth moving
  • Trailers
  • Air Tools
  • Generators
  • Concrete Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment

  • construction labor The labor costs produced by this tool are in U.S. dollars per man hour. The figures represent the expenses per hour for installing the material or doing the work as described. They include insurance and employer's taxes. Please select the craft for either residential building or industrial and commercial building. As you will notice, craftsmen are paid more on industrial and commercial constructions than on residential jobs.

  • cost index Construction costs vary at different states, and even at different cities within the same state. The above tool provides area modification factors for Labor, Equipment and Materials corresponding to different locations in the US. The base reference is the overall average for labor, equipment and materials nationwide. This web application can be used with the base prices given by 2016 National Construction Estimator

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