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South African Great Buildings: Imgae Source Google, Info Source Wikipedia
The Union Buildings
Designed By:Sir Herbert Baker in the English monumental
The Melrose House
Designed By: The British Architect, W T Vale
The Union BuildingsThe Melrose House
The Union Buildings form the official seat of the South African government and also house the offices of the President of South Africa. The design of each level differs, and therefore each stone had to be individually cut. The Architectural styles of the building ranges from the lower levels' Edwardian Style to the top levels' Cape Dutch Design with shutters on the windows. The windows from bottom to top are elongated and become shorter and shorter to the top floor. This is to give the illusion of height.Built in 1886 by the prosperous Pretoria businessman George Jesse Heys
It is an example of the transition from Victorian to Edwardian architectural styles and interiors. The interior is characterised by colourful stained glass windows, paintings by English artists, carpets in rich colours, ornate ceilings and fireplaces, as well as valuable porcelain ornaments.

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