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Short Term Planning

Short term planning can cover a period of up to one month. It is aimed at ensuring that the work proceeds in accordance with the overall schedule. The overall schedule is converted into a working schedule. The operations in the overall schedule will have to be broken down to show each element of work to be completed.
The operational records from previous contracts will form the basis for estimating durations of each activity.
The Logical sequence of activities will be a result of experience of how a specific section should be built in an orderly and systematic manner.
There can be a number of Monthly schedules, each dealing with a category of work extracted as boundary from the main schedule.

About Monthly Schedule Maker

This monthly schedule maker will produce a bar chart schedule of works planned to be done during a specific month.
You can list up to 10 activities and their interdependency.
The Output shall be a Bar chart easily understood by any one and can be followed at a glance.

How to use the Schedule Maker

  1. Select the month for which you want the monthly presentation.
  2. Enter no of activities (max. 10)
  3. After entering the number of activities, the corresponding input fields for description, duration and predecessors shall be enabled.
  4. Enter a short description for each activity
  5. Enter the estimated duration for each activity in terms of working days
  6. Enter the predecessors for each activity that is the activities that should have been finished in order that the activity may start.
    Leave blank if no predecessors exist
    Enter predecessors by their Number in the list; e.g. 4
    If multiple predecessors exist separate them by coma e.g. 4,5
  7. Check corresponding box for week end days (leave unchecked if work is planned to be seven days a week)
  8. Click Draw Chart Button

The Output of the Bar Chart Schedule Maker

The output will be a detailed bar chart schedule showing Start and Finish days for each activity, with due consideration of week end days
  1. You will have the option to download the output as an image so you can attach it to an email.
  2. The other option will be to print the chart
monthly bar chart schedule

Monthly Schedule Data

Schedule for the Month of:

(up to 10 activities)











Week End


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View Sample of the Bar Chart Schedule Maker output