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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

About This Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking App

This Time tracking software allows its users to record time spent on different tasks.

It can be used in many industries, including those employing hourly workers and those professionals who bill their clients by the hour, such as Consultants, Lawyers, and Accountants. It represents an electronic version of the traditional paper time-sheet. Tracking time will enable increased productivity and improved performance as users better understand what practices lead to idle times.
This Software is a subscription based license Software. It is a Desktop software written in Java.
It will check validity of subscription each time it runs. It has a user friendly interface that any computer user can start using within a few minutes.

Time Tracking Packages:

  • This version of the Software is designed for a single user.
  • However, we also offer Packages; one for five members and the Other for 10 members.
    Available at our other site Time Tracking Application


  • Date and Time are automatically recorded.
  • Daily Records propagate data to Monthly Records.
  • Compare time spent in different Projects [Graphical presentation]
  • User can switch between projects. [up to 5 projects]
  • Just Select the Project, Click Start at the beginning and Stop upon finishing to record a work session
  • User can print Monthly records and he can export them to Microsoft Excel
  • You can cancel your subscription -if you wish - at any time.
    You will not be billed anything after that


Please Read Carefully The Application License Agreement before Subscribing, Downloading Or Using this program.
By Clicking On The "Subscribe" button, You are deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the License.
These terms and conditions are valid for all packages.

System Requirements

Windows X P / Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ 8
& Java Run-time Environment J R E 1.6 or later
Connection to the Internet.[For checking validity of subscription each session]

Subscription Timing:

Subscription renewal shall be due on the same day as that of the initial subscription,
if a month does not have a similar day to the initial day of subscription, the renewal day on that month shall be the last day of the month.

Free Trial

  • At our web site we only record your name and email address for the purpose of validating your free trial.
  • Enter your Name and email address in the appropriate fields in the form below and click subscribe.
  • An email shall be sent to your Email Address with a validation link.
  • Go to your Email Account and click the validation link in our message.
  • Upon validation of your email the download link will appear.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Upon expiration of the Trial period, you will be prompted to start paying subscription fee.
  • After the one week free trial, you will be redirected to A Third party secure payment processing by www.ClickBank.com for full subscription.

$5 /Month (Through www.ClickBank.com)
First 7 days Free (Trough our site)

  • Daily and Monthly Records
  • Project Comparison Graphical Chart
  • Up to 5 Projects at a time


Time Tracking Free Trial