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Delay Analyzer Software

Construction Delay Analyzer: CM Reporter

[ A web based version is now available Online Check it here Web Based Construction Reporting where no software download is required.
You can download your produced report or print it.]

About CM Reporter Software

CM Reporter This simple, yet efficient, construction management software is aimed at providing an overall preview of the project progress for top level management. Since each project will have its own peculiarities, this software is to be an "Alarm" calling for further investigations if required. The ease of use and rapidity and conciseness of report production made this software a popular construction management software, used each month by top mangers to check where the project stands and when it is most likely to be completed.

The current version provides graphical presentation of the progress status in comparison to the ideal performance as well as predictions of the most probable completion date of the works in accordance with the statistically deduced relation between cost and time, applicable to the majority of building works.
Also helps assess the responsibility of encountered delays.
A worthwhile construction management software for construction delay claim assessment. 

The report to be presented using enhanced version is customizable to include specific data of user (such as company name, project title, reporter name...etc) as well as save project data option. 

The empirical S-curve relation between Progress and Time, which would result in from a proper construction scheduling is the core of analysis. Presented reports by this unique construction management software include a focus on performance as well as an estimate of the delay in progress. 

Main Software features

File Size: (5.17MB)
Fully Functional for 30 days.
  • Download and unzip the file
  • Click "install" and follow the wizard instructions

How CM Reporter Construction Management Software determines responsibility for delay?

The technique adopted by CM reporter construction management software is a periodical exercise to monitor progress impediments and try to remove their effect and catch up as early as possible. This is achieved by comparing current status of progress as well as progress in the month before with scheduled progress of the works. Each month an estimation of the end date is calculated based on the S-Curve analysis, where the following possible cases would be checked, while Case 1 is our focus for scrutinizing delay responsibility

Case 1 ( Delayed Construction): Estimated end date is later than contractual end date (i.e. an overall delay in the project completion is foreseen)

  1. If the estimated end date is found to remain same as that estimated at the end of month before, it is concluded that the Contractor activities are going along an S-curve parallel to the one produced from original schedule with a simple shift. It is then assumed that certain impediment force have resulted in the shift of the progress curve (Likely to be an external force)

  2. If the estimated end date is found to have moved later than the date estimated by the end of month before, it is concluded that the Contractor's performance is slower than should be, and therefore the Contractor himself is likely to be responsible for the delay unless specific causes are explained by him to have been beyond his control.

  3. If the end date is found to have moved earlier than the date estimated by the end of the month before, it is concluded that Contractor has accelerated his performance and is trying to catch up with schedule. It also could be that he has already caught up with schedule which leads in Case 2 or even more has became ahead of schedule which leads to case 3

Case 2 ( Completion on Time): Estimated end date coincides with contractual end date (No delay in the project completion is foreseen)

Case 3 ( Early Completion): Estimated end date is earlier than contractual end date (An early completion of the works is foreseen)

By doing so CM Reporter construction management software not only considers the current construction progress situation but also the rate of change of this situation which can be called a second degree analysis of progress.

System Requirements:

Windows XP / VISTA/ Windows 7.
+ Java runtime 1.6

Purchase CM Reporter Software

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