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Certificate Of Substantial Completion

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Standard A.I.A Document G704 Style

Fill in the form below to issue a certificate of substantial completion in P.D.F format, A.I.A G704 Style. Easily print, attach to an email, or save to P.C.

Getting Started:
- Fill in Project data; Owner, Contractor and Architect names and addresses

- Identify the Work for which this certificate is issued; either all the Work required by Contract Documents, or specific portion of it.

- Identify the commencement dates for the various warranties for items of work (if different from the issuance date of this certificate).
You may - if you wish - propagate the Issuance date as the commencement date for all portions warranties, by checking the radio button.

Note: Data are saved as local storage for browsers supporting this feature of HTML5, and as Cookies for Browsers that do not support local storage such as Internet Explorer.

View a sample Certificate of Substantial Completion output in P.D.F format. [To install Adobe Reader, please visit the website. ]

Certificate of Substantial Completion

You can either load Project data previously saved to your P.C., or start new entries in the form below

Project (Name and Address)
(mm/dd/yyyy format)
: *
Contractor (Name and Address)
Architect (Name and Address)
Owner (Name and Address)

Is the Certificate to be issued for of the Work?
Number of Portions up yo 10 portions
Cost estimate of the Work that is incomplete or defective to be completed within days
Date of Issuance
Propagate Issuance Date as all warranties commencement?
Propagate Issuance Date?No
Time of Taking Over

To be taken over by Owner
Commencement Date

Contract Terms and Definitions

Substantial Completion : means the stage in the progress of Work when the Work or designated portion is sufficiently complete in accordance with the Contract Documents so that the Owner can occupy or utilize the Work for its intended use.
[F.I.D.I.C publications refer to Substantial Completion as Taking Over, and the corresponding certificate as Taking Over Certificate]

Taking Over Certificate : means a certificate issued by the Architect/Engineer, certifying that works have been completed in accordance with Contract Documents, and are ready for taking over by the Employer.

Defects Notification Period : means the period for notifying defects in the Works, or a Section of it - as the case may be - and is calculated from the date on which a Taking Over Certificate/ Substantial Completion has been issued .


A.I.A Documents : The Forms issued by the American Institute of Architects.
F.I.D.I.C publications : Publications of The International Federation of Consulting Engineers.

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