Waht ia IQ test?
IQ test (Intelligence quotient test) is a test designed to check your mental abilities relative to other people.

Misronet IQ Test was designed to be a fun test, rather than a real measure, and therefore whatever your score is, it should not be a cause of panic.

The language is not a subject of the test, hence we made it available in English and French.

IQ Test - English Version

If your IQ - measured by this IQ test - is above 120 you can get a 'Brain Booster' at no cost
(Prize is currently unavailable. Shall be replaced soon).
It is an instantaneous prize for those whose score is above 120.

Maximum score is unlimited since it depends on the speed of your answer!!

IQ Test instructions:

  • The test shall appear in a new window. If you have any programs on your computer that prevent this process kindly close them. (e.g. pop-up blocker)
  • The test requires cookies enabled browser. If you browser have cookies disabled please enable them to run the test.
  • Each question has a time limit once this time limit is exceeded an "incorrect answer" is considered.
  • During the test there shall be attempts to distract your attention from the test. The more you ignore these the more likely you do not exceed the time limit.
  • Select only one answer and click continue after selection.
  • The prize is provided as is, and is not subject to exchange, substitution, or technical support from us
    Once you pass the test with a score above 120, you will get a $4.99 discount on Escaping Atlantis Game.
    You can download a free trial by clicking the adverisement to the left
    (Note: The prize may change at time, and shall be announced here. You can repeat the test and get a new Free Prize even if you got an earlier one.

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Don't panic if your score is too low. That is life! You don't always get what you expect! Don't Panic