How to solve puzzles?
how to solve puzzles?
First you read carefully the statement in the introduction, then draw a chart that takes into account every possibility to be considered in the solution. Next you enter in the chart all the information immediately apparent from the clues, using an ' x ' to show a definite 'no', and ' ✓ ', for example, to show a definite 'yes'. You will find that this narrows down the possibilities, and might even reveal some new definite information. So now, you re-read the clues with these new facts in mind to discover further positive/ negative relationships. Be sure to enter one '✓ ' in each row or column of possibilities. Now you may go in for the rest of brain teasers in our web site

The Roman Remains Puzzle (09)

By A.Gresty

Five members of an early summer archeological dig found Roman artifacts ranging in date from the first to the third century AD.

From the information given below, can you determine what each member found, what approximate date was assigned to it and on what date it was discovered?

  • Members: Ann Digwell, Henry Sleeman, Lottie Seymour, Luke Round, Robert Trench.
  • Found items: Brooch, Lead piping, pot, Roof tile, silver coin.
  • Assigned dates: 80, 120, 150, 210, 250.
  • Discovery dates: May 22nd, June 8th, June 13th, June 18th, July 5th.
  1. The lead piping was dug up five days before Robert Trench found his object
  2. The first century artefact was discovered next after one of the third century ones.
  3. Luke Round came across his piece after the item of least antiquity was unearthed but before another colleague was delighted at his discovery of an unbroken pot.
  4. The artefact dated 150 was the last tophy of the dig: this was not the silver coin found by Lottie Seymour.
  5. The date when Henry Sleeman came upon his object was the next before that of the discovery of one of the third-century articles but later than the discovery of the roof tile.
The Question is: Who discovered what, and when?
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Remember: One '✔' per row of possibilities. (one for each row and column in each table).

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