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Logic Puzzles Archive - Puzzle (11)

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Logic Puzzle (11) By misronet.com

Three classmates found each other via the Find your class-mates service provided by www.classmates.com. From the information given below can you identify full name, occupation and living place of each?

Names: Jimmy, Paul and Andrew

Family names: Hardman, Brixton, and Baker

Occupations: Engineer, journalist and Pianist

Living places: USA, CANADA, and Australia.

  1. Hardman, the Pianist lives outside USA. He is not Jimmy.

  2. Paul is the Journalist.

  3. The Engineer lives in Canada.

  4. The one who lives in USA is not called Baker.

Who is who and where does each live now?


Family name


Living place




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Later on, the three friends, having downloaded the chatting messenger, agreed to chat together on the net at a specific time, and another problem was then created. You may try it now by clicking "puzzle 15" link below

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How to solve brain teasers?                                

First you read carefully the statement in the introduction, then draw a chart that takes into account every possibility to be considered in the solution. Next you enter in the chart all the information immediately apparent from the clues, using an ' x  to show a definite 'no', and ' / ', for example, to show a definite 'yes'. You will find that this narrows down the possibilities, and might even reveal some new definite information. So now, you re-read the clues with these new facts in mind to discover further positive/ negative relationships. Be sure to enter one ' / ' in each row or column of possibilities. Now you may go in for the rest of brain teasers in our web site.

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