Smith - Jones - Robinson classic

Riddle fanatics tend to be a contentious lot, eager to dispute almost any proposed solution, ready to argue at the drop of clue. A surprising number, though, do agree that the following riddle, known as the Smith- Jones - Robinson classic, is a masterpiece of its kind, presenting in concise and entertaining terms an absorbing mental challenge. It is reported that in one group of 240 people trying it, only six came up with the solution. There is no 'catch' in it, and the answer has been worked out by many people in five to ten minutes. Every fact is important and must be considered. Now here we go:

On a train, Smith, Robinson, and Jones are the fireman, brakeman, and the engineer, but NOT respectively. Also aboard the train are three businessmen who have the same names: a Mr. Smith, a Mr. Robinson, and a Mr. Jones.

  1. Mr. Robinson Lives in Detroit.
  2. The brakeman lives exactly halfway between Chicago and Detroit
  3. Mr. Jones earns exactly $20,000 per year.
  4. The brakeman's nearest neighbor, one of the passengers, earns exactly three times as  much as the brakeman.
  5. Smith beats the fireman in billiards.
  6. The passenger whose name is the same as the brakeman's lives in Chicago.
Who is the Engineer?

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How to solve puzzles?

First you read carefully the statement in the introduction, then draw a chart that takes into account every possibility to be considered in the solution. Next you enter in the chart all the information immediately apparent from the clues, using an ' x ' to show a definite 'no', and ' ✓ ', for example, to show a definite 'yes'. You will find that this narrows down the possibilities, and might even reveal some new definite information. So now, you re-read the clues with these new facts in mind to discover further positive/ negative relationships. Besure to enter one '✓ ' in each row or column of possibilities. Now you may go in for the rest of free logic puzzles in our web site