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Quality Management: Control and Assurance

Friday, October 24, 2014

Quality Management

This article is about: What is Quality Control and What is Quality Assurance and their Application in the Construction Industry

What is Quality Control QC?

Quality is defined as 'fitness to purpose', i.e. in terms of Construction it is providing a building which provides an appropriate quality for the purpose for which it is intended. The price to be paid for a building is a reflection of the expectations of quality - A cheaper building probably uses inferior materials and is likely to be less attractive and less durable. The quality is also related to the timing of when it is delivered.

Quality Control in the construction industry can be looked at as having three elements:

Like most other aspects of construction management quality control has to be planned. Planning seeks 'order' and a quality control system for a construction project reflects this sense of order. It may be seen to be in five basic stages:

. The Costs of Quality

It is obvious that quality is proportional to costs associated with the construction process. Costs associated with quality need to be identified for management decisions. The costs of quality can be broken down as follows:

What is Quality Assurance QA?

Quality assurance is a mechanism for ensuring that the construction process takes place within the framework of a quality management system. This suggests that quality assurance defines the organization structure, tasks and duties for implementing quality management.
In 1987, the Building research establishment surveyed the quality problems on Britain's construction sites. They found that half of the faults were design related, and 40% of the problems arose from faulty construction. 10% were product failing.

Design faults

Construction faults

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