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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Construction Estimating

1. Cost Estimating Software

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e-STM8 Construction cost estimating software provides all of the features an Estimator needs to make the estimation job quickly, efficiently and easily.
e-STM8 - cost estimating software - can help you gain a competitive advantage by facilitating your preparation of detailed, profitable bids while managing job costs and subcontractor bids.

Note: Version 5, now includes an Invoicing Platform, to help submit applications for payment in accordance with AIA document forms.

System requirements:
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Now Avialble in : English , French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese

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2. CM Reporting software

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A simple construction management software for quick reporting of encountered delay in progress and overall performance of projects. Enhanced Reporter includes forecasting of the completion date based on shifted performance assumption and 'not as planned productivity rates' assumption graphically presented for comparison. The technique used enables early adjustment of resources and anticipation of additional costs likely to be incurred in the construction process.

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3. CFF3 Cash Flow Forecasting software

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What are the cost and revenue estimation along the Project life?
When will the project be self financing?
How much Finance shall be required above payments to be made by the Employer during the course of construction?
Find out with misronet CFF3 Construction Software for Loan estimating and management.

System requirements:
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Construction Scheduling Software

1. Free Online Construction Scheduling Software:
For small projects with a maximum of ten activities, and a maximum duration of one year.

2. Q. Scheduling for Construction management is a revolutionary scheduling technique that is aimed at cost optimization for the contractor, continuation of work flow for all employed resources, as well as minimization of idle times for each crew.  Free Trial version of this construction software is available for immediate download. 

System requirements:
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Unavailable - Undergoing a major update

Resource Allocation Software

A Construction software that helps allocating employed staff at different locations or construction sites in order to get the best overall performance for the firm. Get the best out of your employed staff allocating them using this software.
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Free Online Tools:

Scientific calculator - Unit Conversion Tool - Area Calculator - Present Worth Calculator

Home Design Software

Create your dream room makeover with Plan3D Home design software

Ultimate File Utility

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Powerful file utilities that can handle file compression, file decompression, file splitting and merging.
The ultimate solution for attaching large files to emails, regardless of the email service provider restrictions on the size of email attachment.

System requirements:

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Desktop reminder

A Smart Clock and Appointment software that will remind you, in human voice, of your daily tasks, meetings, appointments as well as any important timing that you may wish to be reminded of on any day. It is an alive desktop clock. And above all it is Free!

System requirements:

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