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British Architects List

British Architects Directory is a sub-division of misronet directory that lists worldwide architects as part of the worldwide construction directory.

Sir Charles Barry
Sir Charles Barry : Famous British Architect; Most famous work: Westminster Palace, London;

Decimus Burton
Decimus Burton : Famous British Architect; Most famous work: Palm House at Kew Gardens, London;

William Butterfield
William Butterfield : Famous British Architect; lived between (1814 - 1900). Most famous work: Keble college, at Oxford, England

Architect Roger Minost RIBA
Architect Roger Minost RIBA : Architect Roger Minost RIBA in UK and France, design, conversion, refurbishment, or new buildings

A Q Qurashi Architects
A Q Qurashi Architects : provides the full range of architectural services to individuals, small businesses and corporate clientsBracewell Stirling Architects

Cullum and Nightingale Architects
Cullum and Nightingale Architects : is an award-winning practice with an international reputation for good design. Established in 1986 (as Cullum and Nightingale Architects), we have developed a close-knit professional team with experience across a wide range of projects both in Britain and abroad." />

HAWTREE Limited : golf course architects and construction management

KKA Ltd, Liverpool
KKA Ltd, Liverpool : is an award-winning architectural and design practice based in their own purpose- designed offices at Highpoint in Liverpool city centre. KKA undertake projects nationwide and across a wide spectrum of sectors on projects which range in size and complexity.

Marcus-Beale Architects ltd.
Marcus-Beale Architects ltd. : was established in 1991. The practice works from a studio in London. Their range of commissions is wide including institutional, commercial and residential projects. There is a split between work to existing historic and conservation contexts and new build.

Mikhail Mandrigin Associates
Mikhail Mandrigin Associates : is an international architectural practice established in London in 1992 to provide comprehensive, professional architectural services both in Great Britain and abroad

Rosemary A. Lynch
Rosemary A. Lynch : is a chartered architect based in Falmouth, working on house design and conversions in Cornwall and Devon

Sarah Massey
Sarah Massey : background is in Fine Art and design. Qualified in garden design and landscape architecture, and nearly 20 years' experience of designing gardens in the UK and abroad.

British Great Buildings: Imgae Source Google, Info Source Wikipedia
Westminister Palace
Designed By:Sir Charles Barry
Keble College
Designed By: William Butterfield
Westminister PalaceKerble College
The Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament or Westminster Palace, is the meeting place of the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom; the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Sir Charles Barry's collaborative design for the Palace of Westminster uses the Perpendicular Gothic style, which was popular during the 15th century and returned during the Gothic revival of the 19th century.
William Butterfield, the original architect, produced a vigorous masterpiece of Victorian Gothic.
The best-known of Keble's buildings is the distinctive main brick complex, designed by Butterfield. The design remained incomplete due to shortage of funds: the Chapel and Hall were built later than the accommodation blocks to the east and west of the two original quadrangles and the warden's house at the south-east corner.

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