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Canadian Architects List

Canadian Architects Directory is a sub-division of misronet directory that lists worldwide architects as part of the worldwide construction directory.

David F Garrett Architect
David F Garrett Architect : Canada based Architect

LAMB, Gail
LAMB, Gail : Canada based Architect

LIPINSKI, Andrze : Canada based Architect

Space Master Interiors
Space Master Interiors : Canada based Architect

Zak Ghanim
Zak Ghanim : Canada based Architect

Outstanding Canadian Designs: Imgae Source Google, Info Source Wikipedia
CN Tower
Designed By: John Andrews
Designed By: Moshe Safdie
CN TowerHabitat '67
The CN Tower, a broadcast and observation tower, opened in 1976 as the world's tallest free standing structure, at that time. At 553 metres (1,815 feet), it reaches more than a third of a mile into the clouds.
However, its height was exceeded later by Burj khalifa, a skyscraper in Dubai that reached 828 m.
It was designed to integrate the variety and diversity of scattered private homes with the economics and density of a modern apartment building. Modular, interlocking concrete forms define the space The building was believed to illustrate the new lifestyle people would live in increasingly crowded cities around the world

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