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Egyptian Architects List

Egyptian Architects directory is a sub-division of misronet directory that lists registered architects as part of the worldwide architecture directory.

Hassan Fathy
Hassan Fathy : Egyptian Architect; Born 1899 Egypt. Known for his 'New Gourna' design

Imhotep : Ancient Egyptian Architect; lived between (2635-2595 B.C.). Known for 'Zoser's Necropolis'

The Shalalat Group
The Shalalat Group : Egyptian Architects

CPAS (Center For Planning and Architectural Studies)
CPAS (Center For Planning and Architectural Studies) : Egyptian Architects

Egyptian Great Buildings: Imgae Source Google, Info Source Wikipedia
Sadat Rest House
Designed By:Hassan Fathy
Sultan Hassan Mosque
Designed By: Unknown
Sadat ResthouseSultan Hassan Mosque
The Sadat Rest house - a presidential palace for Sadat - is located at kalabsha. It was completed in 1981, the same year in which Sadat was assassinated. The palace is divided into formal and informal areas. Each area is seized according to its needs. Little information is available about the construction of the mosque of Sultan Hasan. The most substantial source available is al-Maqrizi writing six decades later. Maqrizi mentions that the construction of the mosque cost 30,000 dirham every day, making it the most expensive mosque in medieval Cairo

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