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German Architects List

German Architects Directory is a sub-division of misronet directory that lists worldwide architects as part of the worldwide construction directory.

Peter Behrens
Peter Behrens : Famous German Architect; lived between (1968 - 1940). Known for I.G.Farben offices at Frankfurt, Germany

Dominikus Bohm
Dominikus Bohm : Famous German Architect; lived between ( 1880 - 1955). known for Maria konigin at Cologne, Germany

Behnisch Architekten
Behnisch Architekten : Famous German Architect; Born 1922. Known for Olympic games tent at Munich, Germany

Winkens Architecture & Planning
Winkens Architecture & Planning : winkens architecture - sustainable green architects wexford

Great German Designs: Imgae Source Google, Info Source Wikipedia
I.G. Farben Offices
Designed By:Peter Behrens
Maria konigin at Cologne
Designed By: Dominikus Bohm
I.G. Farben OfficesMaria konigin at Cologne
In 1928, IG Farben was the world's fourth largest company and its largest chemical company. Consequently, the space requirements for the building were for one of the largest office buildings ever constructed. It was designed in the New Objectivity style. After the devastation of World War I, Böhm became a leading figure in the revival of twentieth century German Catholic church architecture. Böhm pioneered the concept of the single-volume, open-plan church. His works tended toward expressionism but maintained a strong sense of geometry and materials.

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