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Egyptian Contractors Directory lists Egypt Contractors as part of the worldwide Construction Contractors Directory.

(Note: The list below is not an ordered list, and should not be interpreted as a ranking of Egypt Contractors)

Egyptian Contractors List

1 - The Arab contractors Osman A.Osman & co.
The Arab contractors Osman A.Osman & co. : The Arab Contractors (AC) is one of the leading construction companies in the Middle East and Africa, with over 60,000 employees.

2 - Orascom Consrtuction International
Orascom Consrtuction International : Orascom Construction Industries is a leading cement producer and construction contractor active in emerging markets.

3 - Samcrete Egypt
Samcrete Egypt : Samcrete Egypt is a private sector company operating in the Construction field in Egypt since 1963.

4 - Allam Sons
Allam Sons : Egyptian Contractor

Google Map of egypt

Arab Republic of Egypt

Location: shown in 'Blue' on the map
Area: 1,002,450 km2
Population: 80,801,170
Rate of population increase: 1.79%
Capital: Cairo
Currency: Egyptian Pound EGP
Exchange rate: $0.167
Time zone: (UTC+2)
Calling Code: +20

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