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Japan Construction Companies Directory lists Construction Contractors in Japan, as part of the worldwide Construction Contractors Directory.

(Note: The list below is not an ordered list, and should not be interpreted as a ranking of Japan Construction Companies)

Japan Construction Companies List

1 - Kajima Corp., Tokyo, Japan ---

Kajima Corp., Tokyo, Japan : Japanese Contractor
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2 - Obayashi Corp., Tokyo, Japan ---

Obayashi Corp., Tokyo, Japan : Obayashi Corporation and the Obayashi Group of companies.
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3 - Taisei Corp., Tokyo, Japan ---

Taisei Corp., Tokyo, Japan : Engineering vibrant environments, contracting better society
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4 - Shimizu Corp., Tokyo, Japan ---

Shimizu Corp., Tokyo, Japan : Construction, Real-estate and development, and Service Businesses
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5 - Takenaka Corp., Osaka, Japan ---

Takenaka Corp., Osaka, Japan : Takenaka offers comprehensive services worldwide across the entire spectrum of space creation from site location and planning to design and construction as well as postcompletion services such as building maintenance.
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6 - Chiyoda Corp., Yokohama, Japan ---

Chiyoda Corp., Yokohama, Japan : Project & Program Management, Feasibility Studies, FEED , Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, O &M and Asset Management
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7 - Kinden Corp., Tokyo, Japan ---

Kinden Corp., Tokyo, Japan : Leading M&E contractor providing an integrated systems engineering in the fields of Energy, Environment and Information & Communications.
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8 - Toda Corp., Tokyo, Japan ---

Toda Corp., Tokyo, Japan : Research, planning, design, management, and execution related to all aspects of architectural and civil engineering comprehensive engineering and consulting related thereto
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9 - Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan ---

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan : Design, engineering and execution of civil, building and pre-stressed concrete works, and related operations; development projects; real estate trading, leasing and management services
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10 - Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan ---

Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan : The company builds tunnels, roads, airports, dams, high-rises, hospitals, power plants, hotels, and other civil and commercial projects around the world.
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11 - Penta-Ocean Construction Co.,Ltd. ---

Penta-Ocean Construction Co.,Ltd. : Penta-Ocean Construction Co.,Ltd. is a leading producer of construction technology, developing materials and machinery for technologically advances and geologically challenging construction project.
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12 - Maeda Corp., Tokyo, Japan ---

Maeda Corp., Tokyo, Japan : The company was established as a civil engineering firm in 1919 with the name Maeda Jimush.
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State of Japan

Location: as shown on the map
Area: 377,944 km2
Population: 127,960,000
Rate of population increase: -0.11%
Capital: Tokyo
Currency: Yen (symbol ¥)
Exchange rate: $0.013
Time zone: (UTC+9)
Calling Code: +81

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