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South Korean Contractors Directory lists South Korean Contractors as part of the worldwide Construction Contractors Directory.

(Note: The list below is not an ordered list, and should not be interpreted as a ranking of South Korean Contractors)

South Korean Contractors List

1 - Samsung C&T Corp
Samsung C&T Corp : Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group gives its customers the best possible value, with the world's most advanced technological expertise and experience in the areas of Building, Civil Engineering, Plant and Housing Works

2 - Lotte Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd
Lotte Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd : A general construction contractor creating futuristic living spaces. Lotte Engineering & Construction claims a competitive edge that no other contractor in the nation can emulate in a variety of areas, such as civil and industrial engineering, architecture, including housing, and SOC projects

Google Map of south korea

Republic of Korea

Location: shown in 'Blue' on the map
Area: 100,210 km2
Population: 48,875,000
Rate of population increase: 0.29%
Capital: Seoul
Currency: Won (sign ₩)
Exchange rate: $0.0008
Time zone: (UTC+9)
Calling Code: +82

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