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Affiliate Program

. Clickbank affiliate program

1- Clickbank affiliates
Earn 50% commissions (less ClickBank fees) for each sale made through your web site for any of the following construction management related products:

Q. Scheduling Software for Construction Management: (Currently unavailable)

CFF3 Construction Loan Estimating Software: Price $23.5

CM Reporter Software for Construction projects: Price $19.95

Target Cost Contracts in Construction Ebook: Price $7.95

Your commissions for item 2 for example shall roughly be $10 per sale made through your web site for the original price. Though we may provide seasonal discounts on some products.

Steps To Join ClickBank Affiliate Program

Step 1 )
If you already have a ClickBank account, skip to Step 2
Sign up with ClickBank, our affiliate service. They will ask you for your contact information, a nickname, and a password. Click below to get an account:
> Register with ClickBank

Step 2 )
Use this quick link:

Replace "YourNickName" with the NickName you chose when you setup your account with clickBank, and that will be your link code.

Step 3 )
Insert the link on your web page. You are welcome to create your own ads, buttons and banners. Please make sure your banner ads or other ads you create are not misleading. We also encourage you to use your imagination and creativity to boost sales and subsequently your commissions. 

Step 4 )
Check the links are working properly, you can proceed to the payment order where you will see your user name at the bottom of the order
Checking your affiliate stats. Click Bank provides you with online sales stats 24 hours a day. To check your sales stats at any time just log in to your account at ClickBank.

Good Luck with your marketing and commissions

Misronet e-STM8 Software is currently sold through our other web site [] and paymnet is processed by another billing company. You can join their affiliate program if you wish and start promoting this product as well. Check the product web site.