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The Owner-Builder Book: Special Reports

The Owner-Builder Book: Special Reports

The Owner-Builder Book: Special Reports
By Mark A. Smith

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Book Description

We believe you can't do better than to read everything you can lay your hands on before you build. There is so much money to waste through ignorance. No skilled student of owner-building gets all they need from one book, be it ours or one of our distinguished colleagues. Case in point: At our workshops we ask people how many of the Ten Commandments of Owner-Building they remember after reading the book. Nobody could remember more than three, even though they were all planning to build within the year. That sort of unfamiliarity costs money and house quality.

So how do you master the subject? Not by memorizing; nobody does that. But by "immersing" yourself in the subject. It wouldn't hurt you to read a dozen books. We think our spin on it is money-saving, focused, and practical, and these reports are the proof.

Laced with several hundred new comments and suggestions by people actually building, here's a collection that should save you a hundred times it's cost. Several new reports are now included in response to reader interest.

Book Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #17236601 in Books
  • Published on: 2005-09-10
  • Released on: 2005-09-10
  • Binding: Spiral-bound
  • 304 pages

Editorial Reviews

"... the Smiths' advice covers everything about building a home ... the book is an awesome resource guide" -- Women's Day Home Remodeling

"If you've always dreamed of your own custom home, you may want to try The Owner-Builder Book." -- The Orange County Register

"It's incredibly detailed, with valuable lists, charts, ideas and questionnaires, yet is easy reading ... this is must reading." -- The Pocket Change Investor

From the Publisher
This book will help you through a challenging task, that of acting as contractor on a new home, house addition or remodel. There is a tremendous amount of money to waste when you build, and The Owner-Builder Book will help you to save a substantial amount while building a better house. We have provided many other resources to help you build at, including a free Owner-Builder Resource CD-ROM with software for construction budgeting and scheduling.

From the Author
When we built our own home, a general contractor estimated the cost of construction at $90 a square foot. It was more than we could afford. We had two choices: shrink the house we had planned, or build it ourselves. We decided to build it ourselves, and completed the house for $49 a square foot. The amazing thing was that we didn't sacrifice anything in the original plan. In fact, we included dozens and dozens of upgrades on which we found great bargains along the way. We found very little published help on the key issue - saving money - when we were building. So we decided to make it easier for others by writing The Owner-Builder Book. We began by going to the Library of Congress and reading all the books out there on the subject. They were almost all written by general contractors. Believe me, they don't try to help you save money. Next we conducted hundreds of interviews with subcontractors, generals, lenders, inspectors, and many other owner-builders. We found answers to all the sticking points like: "Where can I get a construction loan?" We found that the average owner-builder saved 35% on the cost of construction against contractor estimate or appraised value. I also drew on my experience as a former construction industry executive and consultant. We provided templates for the reader to the three key tools needed for success: Written Budget, Written Schedule, and Written List of Features. These tools were almost nonexistent in the literature. We have been honored by reviews or mentions in 165 newspapers and 20 magazines and newsletters to date. People tell us that our book is enjoyable and gives them confidence to build.

Customer Reviews

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4C'mon! Gimme a hint!
By D. Bruce Brown
The review is sufficiently illucidating, but I was hoping for a little more meat. What is at least ONE of the 10 Commandments? Give me an idea, at least, of the actual text of the book.

(Also, there's a small typo in the second sentence: There should be an apostrophe just before the period.)

I do feel a little silly reviewing a review.

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