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To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to coordinate and to control. - HENRI FAYOL

Sample Progress Report

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Project Data

The above Sample Construction Delay Report is based on the following entries:
Project Title: Sample Project
Start Date:January 01,2014
Finish Date:January 01,2015
Contract Value:100000
Cut-Off Day:October 01, 2014
Cumulative value of completed works:65000
Value of Completed works during the month:10000

Estimating delays

The following findings are concluded from the Delay analysis:

Project Delay Analysis

The Violet, and the Red S-curves represent boundaries for the analysis.
The Violet curve assumes a shifting to the right with the amount of encountered delay at the Cut-off day. The Red Curve represents the case where performance is continuous but slow. Each case would result an updated Finish Day.
The two curves are calculated at the Cut-Off day and one month earlier.
From the two curves at the earlier date, we calculate what would be the progress at the end of the month, then we compare the current actual progress with the two figures obtained above to determine how close it is proportionally to both boundary figures.
The proportions are then applied to the curves drawn at the end of the month to find the most probable updated Finishing Day Same proportions are considered as shares of responsibility.


The Report is based on the S-curve analysis. While this analysis is accurate enough to produce reliable predictions, it must be noted that in case events of disruption are evident and properly documented, the responsibility shares would have to be revised.