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Target Cost Construction Contracts

target cost construction contracts
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An electronic e-book providing detailed features and implementation guide for Target Cost contracts in construction projects. A brief of this type of contracts, as a feasible alternative to conventional contracts is available in in articles : Brief On Target Cost Contracts.

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Management of Quality in Construction

Management of Quality in Construction

This important volume will provide the reader with a knowledge of the principles of quality management and an understanding of how they may successfully be applied in the particular circumstances of the construction industry.

Construction Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict Management

This book brings together over 40 expert papers presented at the 1992 International Construction Conflict Management & Resolution Conference held in Manchester, UK.

Practice Management: New perspectives for the construction professional

Practice Management

This book presents the proceedings of a major conference held in April 1991 at the Manchester Business School, examining current issues and new directions in practice management. Practice management is an area of growing concern to construction professionals and contributions have been actively sought by the editors to reflect the 'state of the art' in research and to suggest directions for future developments making the book relevant to all construction-related disciplines.

Cases in Construction Management

Cases in Construction Management

Written by the country's leading authority on construction management training, this book gives practical examples of management problems and how to deal with them.

Value Management in Design and Construction

Value Management

This book looks at the transfer and further development of value management procedures, as practiced in North America, in a United Kingdom and Commonwealth construction industry context.

Human Resource Management in Construction Projects: Strategic and Operational Approaches

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This book is aimed at project managers and students of project management who until now, have been handed the responsibility for human resource management without adequate knowledge or training.

Project Management and Leadership Skills for Engineering & Construction Projects

Management and Leadership Skills

Project management is the key to any engineering and construction project's success. Now you can learn from the experts all the strategies to insure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Details of scheduling, cost estimating and leadership skills.

Project Management for Business Professionals: A Comprehensive Guide

Management for Business Professionals

No longer restricted to the engineering industry, project management has at long last crossed over to mainstream business. Project Management for Business Professionals is the definitive reference on the essentials of contemporary project management. Featured here are some of the foremost practitioners and researchers from academia, consulting, and private industry, sharing their various areas of project management expertise and providing a wide range of perspectives on everything from risk management to resource planning to ethics management.

Construction Contracts: Law and Management - 3rd Edition

Construction Contracts: Law and Management

This is an excellent, comprehensive text on the law governing construction contracts and the management and administration of those contracts. Study of these aspects of construction law form a core part of most building and construction courses and the book has been widely adopted. Fully revised and updated, the book contains commentary on all key legislation, case law and contract amendments up to this year.