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Construction and Property Consultancy Services providers

Construction Consultant Directory is a sub-division of misronet directory that lists construction consultants as part of the world wide construction directory

Construction Consultants List

1 - Roberts, Ronald M., P.E.
Roberts, Ronald M., P.E. : Structural Engineering services to owners, architects and contractors throughout the Pacific Northwest.

2 - Stone & Glazing Consulting
Stone & Glazing Consulting : Stone & Glazing Consulting (SGC) is a national curtain wall consulting firm that provides technical support in the Design, Testing, and Evaluation of Exterior Wall Systems.

3 - The Vacek Group, Inc.
The Vacek Group, Inc. : The Vacek Group specializes in structural damage assessments, failure analysis, structural reconstruction, structural forensics, expert testimony, and structural design with a timely response supported by detailed evaluations and state of the art computer modeling and color graphics

4 - The Glotman Simpson Group of Companies
The Glotman Simpson Group of Companies : specialized engineering consulting services in the following areas: Structural Restorations, Litigation Support, Seismic Upgrading, Parking Structures, Post Tension Investigations, and Building Evaluations

5 - C.D. Sonter Management
C.D. Sonter Management : CD SONTER Ltd. is a Canadian environmental consulting firm focused on your environmental needs. Since 1990 we have successfully provided waste management consulting services to a broad range of municipal, commercial, institutional and industrial clients in both Canada and the United States.

6 - TDMG Inc.
TDMG Inc. : TDMG Inc is a provider of high quality engineering services. TDMG focuses on product development, engineering analysis, and cooling products.

7 - CPAS (Center For Planning and Architectural Studies)
CPAS (Center For Planning and Architectural Studies) : CPAS has a group of experts in different fields of planning, economics, law, marketing and management to study planning projects and touristic development projects

8 - EHAF
EHAF : Multi-desciplinary Consultants; Construction management, Environmental and Engineering

9 - Talent Engineering Group
Talent Engineering Group : Concept Design, Full Details final design, Construction Drawings, Coordination, Quantity Surveying

10 - ECG

11 - Shaker Consultancy Group
Shaker Consultancy Group : SCG services cover the design, engineering and construction supervision of Electric, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire protection, BMS, Telecommunications and IP Based light current systems for buildings.

12 - Ground Stabilisation Services
Ground Stabilisation Services : Ground Stabilisation Services (GSS)can assist the client with any specific aspect of chemical stabilisation relating typically to highway schemes, large scale construction projects, railway maintenance and remediation schemes and contaminated land remediation and regeneration.

13 - Stanger Testing Services
Stanger Testing Services : Concrete Investigations, Roofing and Waterproofing Materials, Building Defect Investigations and Surveys, Construction Materials Testing and Consultancy, Building Materials Testing, Accelerated Weathering

14 - ABR Consultants Limited
ABR Consultants Limited : ABR Consultants provides a flexible resource to support within a broad spectrum of electrical engineering activities including power generation, transmission and utilisation of electric power.

15 - Dar al handasa Nazih Taleb & Partners consulting engineers
Dar al handasa Nazih Taleb & Partners consulting engineers : Dar Al Handasah Nazih Taleb & Partners (DAHNT) is a leading architecture and engineering consultancy firm offering integrated planning, design and engineering management services

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