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Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (9th Edition)

Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (9th Edition)

Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (9th Edition)
By Ronald E. Walpole, Raymond H. Myers, Sharon L. Myers, Keying E. Ye

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Book Description

This classic text provides a rigorous introduction to basic probability theory and statistical inference, with a unique balance of theory and methodology. Interesting, relevant applications use real data from actual studies, showing how the concepts and methods can be used to solve problems in the field. This revision focuses on improved clarity and deeper understanding.

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
4Great Book, Odd Organization And Dry Explanations However
By Mitch
I purchased this text for use in my Probability & Statistics I course. This text is relatively small, which is something I love seeing these days (means I don't have to carry a large chronicle of the universe in my backpack all day).

The book is pretty well written, and gives ample examples for study material and to follow along with any lecture material you may have. It adequately covers all basic topics for Probability & Statistics alike, building on itself the entire way throughout the book.

There are plenty of review questions for each chapter, typically assigned for homework, and there are odd-number answers in the appendix in the rear, as well as tables you will need to use for the course. The solutions manual is also typically correct for this text, helping when you may have issues with homework or to assist when studying the material to check answers against.

I have two problems with this book that caused me to dock a star on the rating.

Firstly, the book is pretty dry in it's explanations. Probability & Statistics is a word-problem based course, with nothing but real-world examples to use for problems and all of these possible scenarios to use for questions to make sure students understand the concepts and so on, however this book really doesn't seem to try and make the topic remotely interesting, so hopefully your professor can handle that part. The book spends paragraphs explaining the topics and then throws some examples and review questions your way, but never seems to make any attempt to make it more interesting for you as the reader.

The second issue is the placement of the review questions. Unlike every text I have ever been through, this text does not place all chapter review problems between the end of said chapter and the beginning of the next chapter, instead it strings them out throughout the chapter itself and splits them up by section of the chapter and it becomes very confusing to try and find your homework review problems or to try and find problems to practice for study material.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
1REVIEW FOR E-BOOK VERSION- 2 licenses not enough
By Matthew S
This review is purely for the e- book version of this text and is not even of the text itself- I just started using it, but it seems like as good a place as any to leave a warning for any considering purchasing.

The publisher limits the book to be used on only 2 devices, which may not be a problem for most people, in which case disregard this review, but for some such as myself this is extremely frustrating. There is a big difference between allowing 2 devices and 3- I like to use my laptop when I am on campus, my phone when I cannot use my laptop, and when I get home, I like to use my main pc so I can sit at my desk.

I like using the kindle applications to read the textbooks, but I am going to have to find a new way to purchase textbooks, because 2 concurrent licenses is not enough for me.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
5Good Text for Intended Audience
By E. D. Antmann
I am an undergraduate Engineering student and used this text in a 300-level Engineering Statistics and Modeling course. The authors obviously expect that students have a background in basic differential and integral calculus, as well as basic statistics, prior to beginning this text. Without such a background, the text, formulae, and derivations can be a challenge.

However, the chapters read fairly well, and are presented in a logical flow of material. The descriptions of most methods and topics covered provide sufficient detail and scope, and there are a wealth of fully solved examples, which include plenty of detail in intermediate steps, and are of assistance for the vast majority of the exercises. Although the text has a few shortcomings in preparing students to use statistical methods to test hypotheses, any lecture course should more than adequately fill these gaps. Compared to the bulk of engineering and mathematics texts I have used in my undergraduate career, this is certainly one of the better ones in terms of its editorial quality, scope, and most importantly, accessibility to students.

Overall, I would recommend this text to engineering students with some prior experience in calculus and basic (even high school level) statistics. The Student Solutions Manual Student Solutions Manual for Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists is helpful, as it provides the actual solutions rather than only the answers which appear in the appendix, and the solutions are of a relatively good quality. However, the solutions manual skips numerous problems (only a few of each variety, instead of odds or etc) making it of less utility than expected.

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