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Basic Machines and How They Work

Basic Machines and How They Work

Basic Machines and How They Work
By Naval Education And Training Program

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Book Description

This revised edition of an extremely clear Navy training manual leaves nothing to be desired in its presentation. Thorough in its coverage of basic theory, from the lever and inclined plane to internal combustion engines and power trains, it requires nothing more than an understanding of the most elementary mathematics.
Beginning with the simplest of machines — the lever — the text proceeds to discussions of the block and tackle (pulleys and hoists), wheel and axle, the inclined plane and the wedge, the screw, and different types of gears (simple, spur, bevel, herringbone, spiral, worm, etc.). A chapter on the concept of work discusses the measurement of work, friction, and efficiency; this is followed by investigations of power, force, and pressure, with explanations of the uses of scales, balances, gauges, and barometers. The fundamentals of hydrostatic and hydraulic machines (such as the hydraulic braking system and the hydraulic press) are discussed in detail.
The remaining chapters cover machine elements (bearings and springs), basic mechanisms (gear differential, couplings, cams, clutches), the internal combustion engine and power trains (including explanations of various transmission systems — synchromesh, auxiliary, etc.).
Every concept is clearly defined, and discussions always build easily from elementary theory to specific applications familiar to anyone with the slightest interest in mechanics. Important concepts, machine components, and techniques are clearly illustrated in more than 200 diagrams, drawings, and cross-sections that reveal inner workings — all of these help to clarify even further an already clear and well-organized presentation.
Although it was originally designed for use in U.S. Naval Training Schools, this book can be used to great advantage as a basic text in mechanical engineering in standard technical schools, and it will be immensely valuable even to lay readers who desire a basic knowledge of mechanics.

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  • Published on: 1997-01-01
  • Released on: 1971-06-01
  • Original language: English
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  • Basic Machines and How They Work

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
5Very good, I gift this book to young people who are inclined.....
By Kevin C
I was in the Navy so I'm partial I guess but I think this is a great book for anyone. Great basics of machines, physics and mechanics. A really good introduction or refresher. If you're thinking about going in to Engineering or Physics get this book and commit to knowing this stuff really really well. It will serve you the rest of your life/career.

Math needed is simple algebra. Good diagrams and pictures and great examples for added context.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
5Good brief on machinery
By MechEduke
Good book for a crash course in basic machinery. The graphics are a little hard to see, but after enough staring you can visualize the gears turning, the pulleys rotating, and the differential working. Recommended.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5Great primer on machines
By Jeff K.
I've had a copy of this book for quite sometime. Recently, I bought more to give to kids in the family who have mechanical interests.

This is an excellent primer starting from levers and proceeding simply but building to how the internal combustion and manual transmission works.

A definite read for anyone with wants a simple explanation of basic mechanical systems or those who just like to read increasingly better presentations of those topics they throw at you when learning basic physics and engineering.

There is some inadvertent humor. The chapter on the block and tackle asks you to remember when you watch movers take a piano out a fourth story window, handling it with ease only a rope. Well, no, even in my 50s, I can't say I ever saw that outside of a Bugs Bunny cartoon or black and white movie. But then, the machines remain the same and are still used today although generally with hydraulic-operated drum doing the hauling.

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