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Mechanics (Dover Books on Physics)

Mechanics (Dover Books on Physics)

Mechanics (Dover Books on Physics)
By J. P. Den Hartog, Physics

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Book Description

First published over 40 years ago, this work has achieved the status of a classic among introductory texts on mechanics. Den Hartog is known for his lively, discursive and often witty presentations of all the fundamental material of both statics and dynamics (and considerable more advanced material) in new, original ways that provide students with insights into mechanical relationships that other books do not always succeed in conveying. On the other hand, the work is so replete with engineering applications and actual design problems that it is as valuable as a reference to the practicing engineer as it is as a text or refresher for the general engineering student.
Mechanics is not a "heavy" book, despite the amount of material it covers and the clarity and exactness with which it treats this material. It is undoubtedly one of the most readable texts in the field. More than 550 drawings and diagrams in the regular text and in the highly praised 112-page section of problems and answers further contribute to its lucidity and value. The emphasis is consistently on illuminating fundamental principles and in showing how they are embodied in a high number of real engineering and design problems concerning trusses, loaded cables, beams, jacks, hoists, brakes, cantilevers, springs, balances, pendulums, projectiles, cranks, linkages, propellers, turbines, fly ball engine governors, hydraulic couplings, anti-roll devices, gyroscopes, and hundreds of other mechanical systems and devices.
Chapters cover Discrete Coplanar Forces, Conditions of Equilibrium, Distributed Forces, Trusses and Cables, Beams, Friction, Space Forces, The Method of Work, Kinematics of a Point, Dynamics of a Particle, Kinematics of Plane Motion, Moments of Inertia, Dynamics of Plane Motion, Work and Energy, Impulse and Momentum, Relative Motion, and Gyroscopes. Particularly in the last two chapters, Den Hartog provides advanced material not usual in introductory texts. "Very thoroughly recommended to all those anxious to improve their real understanding of the principles of mechanics." — Mechanical World.
Index. List of equations. 334 problems, all with answers. Over 550 diagrams and drawings.

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  • Published on: 1961-06-01
  • Released on: 1961-06-01
  • Original language: English
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About the Author

J. P. Den Hartog: The Reprint Engineer
J. P. Den Hartog (1901–1989), who taught for most of his career at MIT, was one of the founders of the Dover reprint program in engineering. As the author of several books that Dover reprinted and still has in print, and as an advisor from the 1950s until just a few years before his death in 1989, Professor Den Hartog gave invaluable advice concerning books of lasting interest and importance in his field.

Not many books in engineering have a productive shelf life spanning several decades. Among the exceptions are these four books of Professor Den Hartog, which Dover reprinted and occasionally revised in later printings from 1961 through 1987: Mechanics, 1961, Strength of Materials, 1961, Mechanical Vibrations, 1985, and Advanced Strength of Materials, 1987. Still widely read and cited by authors in these areas, Den Hartog's books are a tribute to his gift for exposition and clarity.

The J. P. Den Hartog Award, established in 1987, is presented in recognition of lifetime contributions to the teaching and practice of vibration engineering.

Customer Reviews

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5A wonderful refresher and self-teach text
By john lollard
I took a course on vector statics in undergrad, and foolishly I sold my textbook back to the bookstore. I later found myself wanting a refresher and so I purchased this book. It has proven an incredible resource.

The pedagogical approach is highly visual and geometric. A slip through the book will reveal that there is at least one diagram per page, all heavily labeled, and all physical arguments throughout the text are based on the geometric properties of the diagrams. As some have commented, this is kind of archaic (for instance, calling a force going from a point A to a point B as AB), but fantastically approachable. Also fully explored are the classical, graphical methods of solutions, while the the text of course develops the modern algebraic technique.

While packed full of diagrams, the text is also packed full of problems which are the only way to learn a subject like this. Almost the last 100 pages of the book are problems with solutions listed in the back. Plenty of examples and illustrations are given in the text as well, often in the form of simplified and idealized versions of real-world mechanisms.

When I purchased the book, it was $15.95, compared to the $170 you'd spend on a modern textbook in statics and mechanics, and nothing new has happened in mechanics since Newton. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to learn the subject themselves (understanding that they'd need actually do the exercises) on their own time. I'm not a professor, but I feel like I could easily have used this book as an undergraduate in an intro statics class as the main text and still gotten the same information as from my $170 book, assuming the same regime of homework problems.

A definite recommend.

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
5A book on how to think.
By pete steinberg
Just Excellent. Very well written overview and beautifully indexed. There is as much information in this little book as there is in texts four times the size and it is about 5% of the cost of those texts. MIT Professors tend to know their subjects and Hartog is no exception. This books gives us enough of an insight into Statics and Dynamics to leave us well grounded in the subject and with enough of an understanding of forces and analytic techniques to solve real world problems. You'll need your math here - Trig and Analytic Geometry and an understanding of calculus to know what is meant by integration and derivative. There are good example problems here, but a little slack on individual explanation. One can always buy a used college outline paperback for that. This book delivers the goods.

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5Five Stars
By Jack M. Kesler
This book is a classic and I would suggest it for any fledgling engineering students.

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