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Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics
By K. A. Stroud, Dexter J. Booth

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Book Description

A groundbreaking and comprehensive reference with over 500,000 copies sold since it first debuted in 1970, the new sixth edition of Engineering Mathematics has been thoroughly revised and expanded. An interactive Personal Tutor CD-ROM is included with every book. Providing a broad mathematical survey, this innovative volume covers a full range of topics from the very basic to the advanced. Whether you're an engineer looking for a useful on-the-job reference or want to improve your mathematical skills, or you are a student who needs an in-depth self-study guide, Engineering Mathematics is sure to come in handy time and time again.

  • Offers a unique programmed approach that takes users through the mathematics in a step-by-step fashion with a wealth of worked examples and exercises.
  • Contains Quizzes, Learning Outcomes and Can You? Checklists that guide readers through each topic and focus understanding.
  • Ideal as reference or a self-learning manual.

Extra Bonus! Visit Personal Tutor Online at, the companion website maintained by this book's British publisher, where you'll find hundreds of interactive practice questions and engineering applications questions putting the mathematics in context.

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  • Published on: 2007-02-15
  • Released on: 2007-02-09
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  • Original language: English
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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
By Stud Monkey
You know how your professors always try to be aloof and obtuse resulting in you saying, "WTF, dude? I'm here to learn math, not how cool you are?"

Stroud takes you by the hand, and together you go on a magical journey that ends in true understanding. This is what math books should be. When you're finished, you no longer need his hand on the bars- you can ride that mathematical bike!

Only complaint is that the two book series (this and Advanced Engineering Mathematics) should really be four books instead of two. This thing is huge, and really only suitable for use in one location as a result. They could still sell this as one "book" but split into two volumes. I've seriously considered cutting mine in half, since I like to do math at the park, but I haven't yet... I hate e-books, so that's not a solution for me.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent Book-Refresh my Knowledge Incredibly
By Chamila
This is great mathematics book I ever have found.Deal with wide variety of topics and plenty of examples lead student to gain sound knowledge.I actually need to refresh my knowledge because I have forgotten many undergraduate mathematics and it is very essential to keep those things in top of my head to follow graduate studies.This Book provide many examples from easiest to more hardest and student have no doubt to understand due to this regular flow and clear presenting way.Even for students who are interesting about math can study and easily understand.However relative rate of grabbing knowledge depend on your past living life with mathematics.I worked 3 hours per day and Now I am in complex number(11) within one month and hope to finish this book quickly.Once I finish this one My next target will focus on Advanced engineering mathematics book provided by same author. That will be starting from the end chapter of this book and you will be able gain deeper understanding of engineering mathematics starting from Laplase transform to vast numbers of topics and sometimes you may never deal and touch with these interesting topics in your life time

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
5Fantastic for Adult Review
By gromit
I am using this book to review material I 'used' to know years ago. I am a high school physics teacher who uses algebra every day, but have gotten a bit rusty on other math subjects just because I haven't had to use them. I am looking to take a refresher advanced Electricity and Magnetism course this summer and I don't have the time to retake the math classes to brush off the LAYERS of cobwebs. I looked for a long time for a book that would meet my needs of reviewing material without going through the exhaustive detail and endless ramblings of a textbook. This book absolutely fits the bill. From a teacher's perspective, it effectively develops the skills of solving problems while leaving some (only some) of the whys to the textbooks. End result . . . I am no longer worried that I will fall behind in my class this summer. Money well spent.

If you have taken these math courses in the past and are looking for an easy to access, efficient, but still powerful review, you would be hard pressed to find a better book.

Very very highly recommended for this purpose.

NOTE: I suspect the book would also work well as a supplement for a standard curriculum, but I will leave that review for a student to write from their perspective. :)

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