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Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 5th Ed

Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 5th Ed

Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 5th Ed
By Michael R. Lindeburg PE

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Book Description

Maximize Problem-Solving Efficiency by Quickly Locating Equations, Figures, and Tables

New Edition. Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam consolidates the most valuable and commonly used equations, figures, and tables from the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual. You will maximize your problem-solving efficiency and save time during the exam by having the most useful equations and data at your fingertips.

This book’s extensive index quickly directs you to desired equations, figures, and tables. You can find what you need without wading through paragraphs of descriptive text or solved problems. The Quick Reference is organized according to the companion Reference Manual—the two share chapter and section numbers—so you can easily identify related supplementary material.

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  • Published on: 2013-04-15
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Customer Reviews

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3Great but here's why it isn't PERFECT
As expected. It is a great reference for the PE exam and will likely be a good reference for work as well. i just took the PE exam and this was one of 3 books that you would NEED to bring in. However, if you are using this with the 12th Edition of MERM, for example, the chapters and equation references do not line up since the chapters are different. If you are using the 12th edition MERM, you might want to get the previous Quick Reference Manual. However that really isnt a big deal.

Although the book is great, and there probably isn't a better quick reference manual, I have to give it 3 stars because I think it is missing a very important factor that I think would make this book perfect. The reference manual (not just this version, the previous versions as well) does not have the nomenclature, symbols and subscript list (with units) that is at the beginning of each MERM chapter for each section of equations. The equations in each chapter use a set of letters to identify different terms, however each chapter might use different letters, or symbols, and those terms might be in different units. For example, v for velocity might be assumed to be ft/min in one chapter and then ft/s in the next chapter. Of course, as you write out the equation and use the formula, you will include the units and make sure they work out, BUT when time is tight on the PE exam and you want to double check yourself, it would be nice to have the reference to the nomenclature list with units. For the test, I brought in a photo copy of the first page of each MERM chapter (which has this list) and brought it in. It helped me out a lot and gave me one less thing to think about while trying to "rush" through the exam.

If you're familiar with the CRANE Flow of Fluids book, you know that they have this nomenclature/units list up front. This Quick Ref for the ME PE exam should be updated. Even if I pass the PE, I would personally buy the updated version anyway to use for work.

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4Good, but variables not defined!
By Ebru Eren Webb
Pros: This has probably all the equations you will need. Many of them are formulated in a way that you don't need to do unit conversions, which saves a ton of time on the exam!

Cons: The variables are not defined in this book! This book also has no thermodynamic tables and has only a few properties.

It will work for you if you can also get your hands on a copy of the full reference with the variable definitions, and property tables. Still, you have to spend valuable prep time transferring symbol definitions that could have simply been printed at the beginning of each section.

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5If your taking the Mechanical PE, buy this now.
By Danielle Townsend
I recommend purchasing this right away. I waited for a month after I started studying the MERM and that was a mistake. This has probably 90% of what you;ll need from the MERM and is a great place to take notes, define variables and see the relevant equations in a section laid out one after the other. When working problems or taking practice tests this is where I spend 70% of my time. I havent taken the PE exam yet but I expect to spend more than 80% of my time flipping through this book and relying on my notes and annotations next to equations in here. There is something to be said for being intimately familiar with your tools and this will be my primary tool during the PE exam. Buy it right away and start taking notes next to each and every equation as you plow through the MERM. I've bought all the recommended books, MERM, this, PPI practice problems, 6 minute solutions books, Machine Design handbook 29, Shigleys (see my review on that book) and this is the one that I'm flipping through during problems constantly. Relying on my notes, the compressed pile of equations and looking for relationships between variables. This, the MERM and the test booklet itself will probably be 98% of what I use during the actual exam.

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