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Construction Estimating - Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling

Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling

Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling
By Murray B. Woolf

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Book Description


A comprehensive review that gives you insight into the latest innovations in network-based project planning, scheduling, and control…saving you time and money on all construction projects.

Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling contains a full explanation of the new and innovative Scheduling Practice Paradigm, and translates it into tangible steps you can use to create powerful project schedules designed to boost productivity on any job. Completely compatible with the Collaborative Model, the new Scheduling Practice Paradigm provides, commitment planning, execution scheduling, and comprehensive performance control.

Written in a friendly, conversational style, this ultimate guide explains:

  • The new Scheduling Practice Paradigm: terminology, specialties, roles, and deliverables
  • How dilemma forecasting can help you predict delays before they occur
  • How to use change optimization processes for maximum project benefit
  • How to produce a project schedule, including logic development sessions
  • Helpful guidelines for performance recording
  • Hundreds of “tricks of the trade” from a 30-year Scheduling veteran


Keeping Your Eye on the Donut: The Allure of the Project Schedule • Understanding the Scheduling Theater • Why Our Schedules Disappoint Our Customers • The Changing Style of Project Management o Creating a Penchant for Change: The New Scheduling Practice Paradigm • Introduction to Dilemma Control • Introduction to Momentology • Recap of New Concepts and Terminology • The Scheduling Practice and Faster Projects • Preserving Project Schedule Integrity: Anatomy of a Schedule • Working at Cross-Purposes • Execution Scheduling and Performance Control: Schedule Design • Schedule Development • Schedule Components • Performance Reporting • Performance Control • Epilogue: Creating Schedules They'll Actually Want to Use!

Praise for Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling:

“[A] very strong addition to our knowledge about construction contracting and project scheduling.” Matt Stevens, Author, Managing a Construction Firm on Just 24 Hours a Day

“This is a seminal work which will shape this industry for generations to come.” Keith Pickavance, Senior Vice President, Hill International

“Momentum Management may well be the most practical and straight-forward concept devised to date.” Mike Hopkins, Vice President, Fluor,

”I felt that the subject matter and style were appropriate for any scheduler who has “been in the trenches” more than a couple of times. After twenty plus years of scheduling, I was pleased to find that I was not out in a foxhole by myself.” Ted Douglas, President, ACTPMA, LLC

“I told my boss that we will need to purchase a copy for every scheduling person at Alpha, due to the technical and practical accuracy and clarity.” Chris Carson, Corporate Director of Project Controls, Alpha Corporation

“I was glad to see this in print. Many people monitor a schedule strictly by float and don’t understand that there is so much more involved in the analysis of a schedule that just looking at float or even earned value. I would recommend this book to all of the classes that I teach.” Jeff Huneycutt, US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District

“I am just glad that I am not alone in the way I see the project controls business. I would like to buy a couple copies of the book for the staff to reads.” Craig Olsen, President, Scheduling Consultants, Ltd.

“The book makes some very good points that the novice or even seasoned practitioner should read.” Keith Howard, Motorola Inc.

“Just two weeks ago I was asked to recommend a quality book on scheduling practices. I suggested Murray's, even though the requestor doesn't work in construction. It's the book I turn to when I want to know the ‘right’ way to assemble and manage a schedule as well as the reasoning behind that practice. It also provides a candid look at the weaknesses of our current processes and recommendations for an improved path forward.” David Kaiser, President, Schedule Associates

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Editorial Reviews

About the Author
Murray B. Woolf, PMP, is president of the International Center for Scheduling, Inc. He founded ICS as his response to the number of challenges facing the Scheduling Practice in the United States and globally. ICS, although in its infancy, promises to change the face of the Scheduling Practice by providing coordinated support programs, products, and services to Scheduling Practitioners and their customers. Specifically, the ICS model includes education and training, job placement support, research, publications, credentialing, scheduling specifications software, objective quality scoring of schedules and scheduling programs, direct scheduling support, and consulting.

Mr. Woolf has more than 30 years of project management, project controls, training, consulting, and expert witness experience. He spent the bulk of his career providing project management and project controls services on over 125 projects worldwide, with combined value estimated at around $28 billion.

Mr. Woolf is a frequent lecturer and writer on Scheduling Practice topics, and is the inventor of numerous Scheduling Practice innovations, including Momentum Management and Dilemma Forecasting. He is a member and a vice president of the PMI College of Scheduling (CoS), and the first Managing Director of the Scheduling Excellence Initiative (a CoS endeavor to write best practice and guidelines for the Scheduling Practice).

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
5Impressive - hope and wisdom for scheduling
By Jake Keenan
This was way better than I anticipated. After 20 years of construction scheduling experience I looked around for a wider perspective and picked this book. This is, as the author agrees, two books in one - a scheduling practice book and the laying out of a vision to save the scheduling "profession." He did both "books" admirably except that the second book is incomplete. After designing a whole new way to use and analyze schedules (the awkwardly worded "Momentum science") in a way that got me excited, he reveals that he plans to do two more volumes to finish out this first book. That was a disappointment, but in reading further I was still really satisfied with the amount of useful and wise insights to chew on. Usually, a scheduling book is something that one looks at once or twice or leaves on a reference shelf to collect dust. With this book I was shocked that I read and enjoyed the whole thing.

Let me start over. The author is not just writing a book or even the first of three books; he is so frustrated with the state of scheduling (me too!) that he wants to completely reform how it is practiced. Apparently, he is also starting a scheduling college. This book could easily double as a textbook for that college-in-formation. As such it is written in extreme clarity and always back and forth from real project needs to decisions about how to schedule or track schedules.

What did I find so valuable? He starts with a clear critique of today's practices to the point where schedules are being ignored. He begins again with the primary goal of scheduling - time management. He highlights the two different construction cultures - control versus collaborative where schedules must be much more people-focused. He gives the outline of the Momentum piece which appears to be (I need the next 2 volumes!) sorta like trending on the cost side. One half-joking example that he puts in here speaks of how a project schedule of 2 years duration that loses 2 days for 3 months in a row would show a negative float of 6 days to therefore predict, from the software alone, that the finish would be 6 days behind schedule. And of course, silly as it is, this points to a trap in thinking that can put total float ahead of some trending metric. Most of the book is about scheduling practices. He manages to make things like activity durations or relationship durations (lags) very interesting. He covers a variety of situations, practices, software settings, etc. always with the clear objective of building a better scheduling practice. In fact he also spends a good bit of energy saying what should not be included or done in schedules always with a reasoning of the pros and cons to the overall objective of better scheduling practices. So, the book is not a simple how-to (in fact he almost never mentions any software since he intends his practices to be good for any software); it assumes that one knows the basics and wants to review them in light of making better schedules and having schedules succeed in the project management world.

He comes across as old school and part of the first generation of construction schedulers. But his respect for what scheduling could be seems to have given him the energy to imagine a rather brave new world of scheduling. It is a vision where schedule usefulness would rise over its being ignored or used for arguments. His focus and faith are admirable. The book gave me a big dose of faith and focus around all the little things I see and do as a scheduler - i.e., I got to go over the little things always with an eye to how they folded into the bigger picture. He most often presented many sides of an argument especially the varying circumstances while giving his always strong conviction of the way to handle something. This determined and optimistic vision is both written as a call to arms to other schedulers as well as a passing of the torch to the next generation. And if his momentum view takes hold, the future will be very different. Impressive.

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
5Probably one of the best books on CPM ever written
By N. Zonneveld
This is by far the most interesting and comprehensive book I've ever read on project scheduling. The concept of Momentology is much more viable than Critical Chain and should really deserve more attention.

Although not for the novice scheduler, I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone interested in CPM.

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