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Saturday, August 19, 2017

C.F.F3 Cash Flow Forecasting

Construction Budget Software

[An Online version is now available to produce Instant Cash Flow Forecasts. ]

About C.F.F3 Software


C.F.F3software is easy to use, yet efficient construction management tool that enables you to quickly and confidently produce cash flow and financial forecasts from the Commencement date up to Completion date of the construction project before you start the project such that a construction loan or the Financial requirements are calculated for you. Also you can update these produced estimates along the project construction (a new feature in version 3). This allows you to analyze, to take any necessary action and to present a complete business plan to your bank or other financing institutions, to whom such is a key when they make a construction loan or overdraft decisions. 

C.F.F3 software has been designed to ensure that you have most of the project variables considered so that the produced Forecasts/estimates are likely to reflect the situation of your specific project. Figures and financial data produced with C.F.F3 construction budget software will help you remain in control of your construction project and to make informed decisions about future plans. What's more is you can produce your cash flow estimates and financial forecasts in a fraction of the time it takes using spreadsheets or manual systems.

C.F.F3 software is simple, straightforward and flexible to incorporate all project probable conditions, or as much as would affect the results. 

Main Software features

  • Produces an initial cash flow forecasting for construction projects.
  • Identifies short and long-term Finance is required for the project?
  • Identifies when the project will be self financing.
  • Enables updates to the initial forecast based on current status of Cash in and Cash out amounts and produces an updated financial forecast.
  • Multiple project facility.

How it works?

The technique upon which C.F.F3software is based is the "S-curve" relation between cost and time as fully described by Cooke (1979). The pattern is value accrual being based upon the cost accrual over the project duration (i.e. Costs incurred before the start of construction are recovered as part of overheads). 

System Requirements

Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ NT/ X P/ Vista /Windows 7/ 8
IE5.0 or later Cookies enabled

We have retired C.F.F3 downloadable version.
It is now available online only at: Construction Budget Software provided as SaaS (Software as service)