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Construction Forms There have been numerous attempts to standardize the communication between the parties to a construction contract - namely Contractor Owner and Architect - such that the flow of data may follow the conditions set in the contract and each party is being timely informed, alerted or required to take an action per contract obligations. The construction forms published by the American Institute of Architects are well recognized and so far the most commonly used in the USA.
At our web site we provide forms in the style of AIA Documents that can be used also - in our opinion - outside of the USA if found suitable to the Contract Conditions.

The service is totally Free, and aims at populating standardized communication system, to ensure no lack of data would hinder the progress of the works.
Contractors can fill in construction forms and create their secure P.D.F files for Change Order, Payment Application, Payment Application details in the Standard A.I.A Document G701, G702 and G703 style, that can printed, attached to an email, or saved to a P.C.

Release Notes:
  • This On-line service is currently in beta, and is free to use
  • Case of varying retention for different items is not supported. Current version assumes fixed retention percentage for all items

A.I.A Style Forms

1. Change Order form

To be used to describe the work to be added to or omitted from the original scope of contract, and the corresponding amount to be added or deducted from the contract price.

2. Application and Certification for Payment

This form serves as both the contractor’s application for payment and the architect’s certification that payment is due. Its use can expedite payment and reduce the possibility of error.

3. Payment Application details

To be attached to the application for payment, breaking the contract sum into portions of the work in accordance with a schedule of values prepared by the contractor as required by the general conditions.

4. Certificate of Substantial Completion

A standard form for recording the date on which the works, or designation portion of the works, are considered as substantially complete.

More Forms will be added soon

View a sample Change Order Form - A.I.A G701 Style - output in P.D.F format.
View a sample Application and certification for payment - A.I.A G702 Style - output in P.D.F format.
View a sample Continuation Sheet for Application and certification for payment - A.I.A G703 Style - output in P.D.F format.
View a sample Certificate of Substantial Completion - A.I.A G704 Style - output in P.D.F format.

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