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Standard AIA Document G702 Style

beta version

Fill in the form below to create your application for payment in P.D.F format, AIA G702 Style. Easily print, attach to an email, or save to P.C.

Getting Started:
-You can start by filling AIA G703 style form for details of work done and materials stored and not incorporated in the works. Totals collected from the mentioned form need to be entered to form below. If you have those totals already done by other means you can start filling the form below

- If you used our on-line form for details of work done and saved your data, you can extract it to this form by clicking Load saved data.

- You can save your data and return back any time, either to update your invoice, or to edit a new invoice, without having to retype shared fields, such as Project name, Contractor name,...etc

Note: Data are saved as local storage for browsers supporting this feature of HTML5, and as Cookies for Browsers that do not support local storage such as Internet Explorer.

View a sample Payment Application Form output in P.D.F format. [To install Adobe Reader, please visit the website.
The data you enter n the form below will be stored on your P.C. using cookies. See our Privacy Policy.
Application for Payment [ AIA G702 Style]

You can either load Project data previously saved to your P.C., or start new entries in the form below

Project (Name and Address) * Distribution

* :
(mm/dd/yyyy format)
Contractor (Name and Address) Architect (Name and Address) Owner (Name and Address)
* * *
* *
Notary Public Country/State


1 - The Original (Contract Sum) (Guaranteed Maximum Price) was *
2 - Change Order Summary
(Please Enter absolute values; e.g. '100' and not '-100' under Deductions. Default values are zeros)
Change Order SummaryAdditionsDeductions
Previously authorized
This month

3 - Net Changes to Contract (Auto Filled from above table entries)
4 - Total Contract Amount (Auto Filled using 1 and 3 above)
5 - Total Completed Works *
6 - Total Materials Stored and not incorporated in the works *
7 - Retainage % of Completed Works *
8 - Retainage % of Stored Materials *
9 - Retainage (Auto Filled using 5,6,7,and 8 above)
10 - Previous Payments *
11 - Current Payment Due (Auto Filled using above entries)
12 - Balance to Finish (Auto Filled using above entries)

NOTE 1: Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
NOTE 2: Fields in this color are auto filled using your entries in other fields. These Fields can not be manually filled

Contract Terms Definitions

Contractor : means the person (s) named as contractor in the letter of Tender accepted by the Employer and legal successors in title to this person (s).
Architect/Engineer : means the person appointed by the Owner/Employer to act as the Architect/Engineer for the purposes of the Contract and named in the Appendix to Tender, or other person appointed from time to time by the Owner/Employer and notified to the Contractor.
Owner/Employer : means the person named as Owner/Employer in the Appendix to tender and the legal successors in title to this person.
Original Contract sum (Guaranteed Maximum Price) : means the amount accepted in the Letter of Acceptance for the execution and completion of the Works and remedying of any defects.
Change Order : means any change to the Contract works, and subsequent change in the the Contract sum Guaranteed maximum Price) that has been agreed by the parties to the Contract
Retainage/Retention : means the accumulated retention moneys which the Owner/Employer retains from Interim Payments. They are calculated by applying the percentage (s) of retention stated in the Appendix to Tender. Retainage Money is discharged normally in two haves; one upon the issue of the Taking Over Certificate and the other half upon the expiration of the Defects Liability Period or as stated in the Contract
Balance to Finish : means the difference between the amount in the schedule of values and the total amount certified for payment in respect of any item of works.
Notary Public : means a public officer constituted by law to witness and authenticate the execution of documents. Notary public is usually appointed by a government authority and commissioned for a short period.


A.I.A Documents : The Forms issued by the American Institute of Architects.
F.I.D.I.C publications : Publications of The International Federation of Consulting Engineers.

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