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Standard AIA G703 Style

beta version

Continuation Sheet For Payment Application Details in P.D.F format, standard AIA G703 Style, that can be printed, attached to an email, or saved to your P.C.

Getting Started:
-You can start by filling the AIA G703 style form below for details of work done and materials stored and not incorporated in the works.

- The on-line version, is limited to Projects with a Schedule of values that has a maximum of 15 items.

- If the schedule of values is too large, you can work offline and upload it when finished. [See Instructions]

- You can save your work and return to it later, either to continue your invoice, or to edit a new invoice, without having to retype shared fields, such as Work Description, Scheduled value,...etc

Note: In the on-line version Data are saved as local storage for browsers supporting this feature of HTML5, and as Cookies for Browsers that do not support local storage such as Internet Explorer.

View a sample Payment Application Details output in P.D.F format. [To install Adobe Reader, please visit the website.]

Continuation Sheet For Payment Application [AIA G703 Style]

You can either work on-line (Suitable for small contracts with a maximum of 15 work items)

or offline and then load your data (suitable for small as well as large schedule of values)

Instructions for use of the on-line form:
1 - You can add up to 15 work items. (For projects with greater number of items, see above)
2 - Last entered item variables are verified upon clicking the 'add new item button'.
3 - If , upon clicking 'Add New Item' button, entries are found to contain errors the new row shall not appear, and you will be prompted to correct errors before adding a new item
4 - Upon adding a new row, the previous row entries shall not be available for modification.
5 - A minimum of one item is required. Therefore, the 'Delete Last Item' button won't be available when there is only one item in the table
6 - The 'Application No.' and 'Period to' can't be left blank.

Application number:
Period to (mm/dd/yyyy):

Interim Payment Application details:

The Contractor shall submit to the Architect/Engineer an Application for Payment at the end of each month, showing in detail the amounts to which the Contractor considers himself to be entitled, together with supporting documents.

The application shall include the following items as appropriate:
- The scheduled value of each item of works (Column C )
- The previously certified and paid amounts in respect of each items of the works. (Column D )
- The value of the executed works during the month. (Column E).
- The current value of materials stored and not incorporated yet in the works. (Column F)
- The total value of executed works and currently stored materials in respect of each item of the works. (Column G)
- The percentage of total value claimed to the scheduled value. (Column G)
- The balance to finish remaining from the scheduled value for each item. (Column H)
- The Retainage (if variable rate is applicable to each item) (Column I, which is not supported yet by this on-line service)

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