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Standard A.I.A G703 Style beta

On-line Production of Continuation Sheet For Payment Application in P.D.F format, A.I.A G703 Style. Upload your details to create a P.D.F continuation sheet

Getting Started:
-You can upload Project Progress data saved on your P.C. (see instructions below)
- You can work on-line - if your Contract has 14 items or less - and enter values directly into the form (go there)

Payment data
The following data need to be available in order to produce the Continuation sheet to Contractor payment application

View a sample Payment Application Continuation Sheet output in P.D.F format.

Continuation Sheet For Payment Application

Instructions for uploading values from your P.C.

1 - The allowed File format is XML file.

2 - You can work with Microsoft Excel and choose Save as> Other Format > XML spread sheet 2003 in order to have the file in the allowed format

3 - First Row shall contain column headers (Item Description, Scheduled value, Previous, Current, and Stored materials).

4 - The second row shall contain the values that will be uploaded.

5 - The program can take up any number of items. However there are limitations imposed by browser capacity.
  • Opera browser, theoretically, will accept any number of items
  • Firefox browser can take up to 60 items.
  • IE has a lower capacity of 14 items.
The above figures may vary with your version as well as the length of item description.

6 - Uploaded values shall appear in the table below but can only be modified offline.

7 - upon uploading, the program shall verify your data type, in correct fields shall appear in red

8 - Errors (if any) will have to be corrected in the offline file and then the corrected file will have to be uploaded.

9 - You will have to enter "Application number" and "Period to" Fields (The only enabled fields).

10 - If data type for all fields are correct, the 'Click Create Invoice' button shall be enabled.

Application number:
Period to (mm/dd/yyyy):

How to save your Excel File in an acceptable XML format?

Save as Other format

1) Select Save as Other format

Save as XML spreadsheet 2003

2) Select Save as type XML Spreadsheet 2003