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Friday, August 23, 2019

Construction Bar Chart

  • Up to 10 Activities
  • Critical Path Method
  • No Download
construction bar chart schedule

Also Short Term Planning is now available, for planning tasks within a short period up to one month.

Approximate Estimates

  • Use of Approximate Estimates
  • Approximate Methods
    • The Service Unit
    • The Square Meter of Floor Area
    • The Cubic meter
    • The Elemental Bill
    • The Detailed Quantities of a Bay
    • The Cost Comparison

House Building Cost Calculator

house building cost Calculate the cost to build a house anywhere in the United States using our updated database of rates for labor, equipment, and building materials.

Hourly Labor rates

Find the prevailing Labor rates per hour for residential constructions as well as for Commercial and Industrial construction.

Cost Index

Use this tool as a comparative cost modifier between different regions in the United States.

Present Worth Calculator

Calculate the present value for a scheme with an initial investment value and running costs.

D.C.F Yield Calculator

Calculate the maximum interest rate that could be paid on borrowed capital.

HR Module

Optimize the output from available resources.

Area Calculator

Calculate the area enclosed within a polygon of any irregular closed shape.

Unit Conversion

Convert from SI to Metric system and vise versa

Geo Distance Calculator

Calculate the Geo distance between locations on Google maps.