Linear Programming in Construction

Human Resource Allocation Module

HR Module: Misronet Locator 2006

HR module was developed by misronet in 2006, as a Linear Programming Application, to help locating staff at the available locations such that an optimum output from available resources is reached.

Please Note the following:
- You need to give each Candidate his relative assessment at each location.
- The tool requires JavaScript and Cookies enabled browser. Please make sure they are is enabled.
- There are limitations for the practical use of the tool. We have put an upper limit of 9 for both locations and candidates, to avoid lengthy processing time.

- Click either 'Minimize' Or 'Maximize' (depending on your Case of assessment) and the Optimum Positioning of Candidates shall be shown on table in red
- Tool has been tested On IE6 IE7,FF3..FF6

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